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Date: November 2015


Roundup: Automobile Buying Fuels Bump In September Retail Sales; US Producer Prices …

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On the Grid

From the shale fields to the cooling towers, Trib Total Media covers the energy market in Western Pennsylvania and beyond. For the newestthe current news and views on gas, coal, electricity and more, check out On the Grid today.


VISITOR COMMENTARY: Sin Taxes Harm Public Health, Pocketbooks

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In cities and states across the nation, legislators are making use of excise taxes on popular customer products to raise funds to spend for their pet spending projects.Instead of using them as

“health taxes, “lawmakers are exploiting sin taxes as “stealth taxes” to boost federal government revenue through a divide-and-conquer technique, striking little groups of individuals who can not effectively fight back.In Chicago, for instance, city Alderman Proco Moreno is adding a $1.25 flat sin tax on e-cigarette cartridges and a 25-cent-per-milliliter tax on electronic cigarette liquid. Moreno states the purpose of the taxes is to stop Huge Tobacco from “going at our youth in a various way, through innovation, and through vaping and e-cigarettes.”

“Chicago is leading the nation when it comes to reducing tobacco usage,” Mayor Rahm Emanuel stated at an Aug. 17 press conference.If decreasing tobacco

usage is the city’s objective, why is the city discouraging damage decrease devices, such as e-cigarettes, by making them more pricey? This is particularly silly in the case of e-cigarettes, which is a harm-reduction tool that doesn’t include tobacco.The detach in between Chicago legislators’actions and

words recommends public health is not the inspiration for Moreno’s e-cigarette tax. If enhancing public health is the real objective, lawmakers would be motivating individuals to use e-cigarettes, which are totally freewithout the harmful chemical by-products of tobacco and have revealed to helpto assist numerous people gave up smoking.A similar situation is playing out in California. Lawmakers say releaseding$2 to the rate of a pack of cigarettes will enhance public health, but the facts don’t support the claims, and the truths will be the very same when the Legislature reconvenes in January, potentially to revive the push for more taxes.The sponsor of the tax hike, state Sen. Richard Pan, D-Sacramento, informed attendees at an Aug. 26 pro-tax rally, “We know raising the tobacco tax has been shown to avoid and lower cigarette smoking, specifically among young people. “


Realty Deals: Nov. 18

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The following real-estate deals were tape-recorded just recently in the Johnston County Register of Deeds office:

Alan B. Linder, Candice W. Linder and Philip A. Glass, substitute trustee, to the State Workers’ Credit Union, 2.3 acres, $74,000.

Lawrence W. Basden, Darlene P. Basden and Philip A. Glass, substitute trustee, to Federal National Home loan Association, $36,000.

Nichole Renee Nicksich, George Charles Nicksich and Trustee Services of Carolina LLC, substitute trustee, to Read Resourceful LLC, Lot 50 in Golden Lake neighborhood, $85,500.

Terry Lee Rayfield, Terry R. Wimbley and Rogers, Townsend and Thomas, substitute trustee, to Loyde Earl Herring, 1.651 acres, $55,000.

Citylink Residence LLC to Randel Rogers, Lot 8 in Hunters Path neighborhood, $78,000.

James Ashley Thompson and Sylvia Pearce Thompson to Roger Lynn Thompson and Cheryl Brown Thompson, 1.78 acres in Benefit Hill Town, $10,000.

Dan Ryan Builders of North Carolina LLC to: Stephanie R. Christensen, Lot 32 in The Town at Cleveland Springs class, $158,500.

Kurt Thoman and Kelly Thoman to David L. Dunn Jr. and Wendy M. Dunn, one lot $283,500.

Raven Hutto Way and Raven M. Hutto to Robert A. Cromer, Lot 140 in Wyndfall community, $150,000.

Todd Luciano and Michelle Luciano to Melissa A. Lewis, Lot 3050 in LionsGate community, Clayton Town, $160,000.

Weaver Development Co. Inc. and Weaver Houses to Jennifer Simmons, Lot 76 in Lakewood Estates community, Elevation Town, $223,500.

Huey J. Robinson, Elaine M. Warmack and Elaine M. Robinson to Christopher James Cox and Stacy Brooke Taylor, Lot 107 in Island Creek subdivision, $230,000.

Gregory S. Collins and Lori E. Collins to David A. Carriger, Lot 35 in The Woodlands at Adams Point class, $336,000.

Austin Keaton and Shanna Keaton to Jesse Downey III and Ashley Carolyn McKinney, Lot 248 in Cobblestone Village class, $185,500.

Tony P. Stone and Brenda C. Stone to Daniel Franklin Kornegay Jr. and Paula S. Kornegay, lots 28-33 in Stoney Brook Estates community, $92,000.

Riverwood on the Neuse LLC to RMS Investments LLC, Lot 6051 in Riverwood Athletic Club’s Alpine Valley neighborhood, $65,000.

Jamp; J Flowers Finch Inc. to Apotheosis Building Group Inc., lots 9-10 in Chatham at Flowers Ranch community, $100,000.

Thomas Lane Brown and Mandy Price Brown to Hadley Residences Inc., Lot 4 in the Floyd Q. and Gloria A. Enfinger neighborhood, $30,000.

Randall Fleming Johnson and Betty Avery Johnson to Guadalupe Hernandez, Lot 58 in Duchess Downs community, $9,000.

David Alexander Burcham and Alisha Carol Burcham to Paul G. Supino and Jamie Caroline Rutledge, Lot 1C in the W. Gattis Lee Neighborhood, $130,500.

Darryl D. Evans Inc. to Matthew B. Truelove and Tina W. Truelove, Lot 4 in Carriage Creek class, $231,000.

Portofino Advancement Group LLC to Chris Kozlowski and Melissa Marsal, Lot 115 in Portofino neighborhood, Wilders Town, $84,000.

Carroll Building Houses Inc. to Angela W. Sessoms and Timothy L. Sessoms, 2 lots in Barefoot Landing subdivision, Cleveland Town, $180,000.

Jacqueline St. Pierre and Elizabeth Cullen to Patrick Bryan Ford and Veneta J. Ford, Lot 39 in Buffalo Creek community, $82,500.

Barbara A. Rodrigues and Keith K. Rodrigues to Kenneth B. Blanton and Pandora L. Blanton, Lot 1224 in Glen Laurel neighborhood, $280,000.

Hamp; H Constructors Inc. to Jonathan A. Scharphorn and Sarah M. Scharphorn, Lot 33 in The Trace at Summerwind Plantation community, $200,000.

Carroll Construction Residences Inc. to Adrian L. Johnson and Charlene Graham, Lot 109 in Kyndal community, $252,000.

Allied Investors Group LLC to Wendell Scott Holmes, 3.44 acres on Juniper Church Road, $129,000.

Jaclyn M. Shrader to Brent Christopher Wilson and Meredith Turnbull Wilson, 2 lots in Lancaster Place community, Cleveland Township, $144,000.

DJ 4042 Inc. to Carroll Building Residences Inc., Lot 112 in the Meadows at Adams Point community, $53,000.

Sheila Cawley to Ryan E. Taylor and Somar D. Deal, lot in Rose Manor Park neighborhood, Smithfield Municipality, $110,000.

State Personnel’ Credit Union to Secu * re Inc., one acre, $27,500.

Lucille Ellis Lewis, Joe Lewis, Bettie Jean Ellis, Clarence Ellis, Linda Ellis Lynch, Rochester Ellis, Roy Chester Ellis and Marilyn Joyce Ellis to William Joseph Bailey and Charlene C. Mills, 6.789 acres in O’Neals Township, $54,500.

Joshua K. M. Randall and Ronda Farrell to Noel A. Vanegas and Nely A. Morales De Vanegas Nely, Lot 2 in Lee-Chase subdivision, $108,000.

Rutting Iron LLC to Genesis Living Inc., Lot 37 in Ives Landing class, $25,500.

Wesley R. Moore Jr. and Nina Carolyn Moore to Marc L. McGrann and Kimberly M. McGrann, Lot 67 in Creekside Place class, $237,500.

Jerry Pounds Construction Inc. to: Douglas Sapia and Yuri K. Sapia, 2 lots in Timberlake community, Wilders Town, $43,500.

Loop Roadway Collaboration and Hometowne Investments LLC to Jerry Pounds Building Inc., 2 lots in Timberlake neighborhood, Wilders Town, $38,000.

Randy L. Edwards and Rhonda B. Edwards to Kelsey Irene Davis, Lot 4 in Huckleberry class, Wilders Township, $40,000.

Lanny L. Watkins Jr. to Jonathan Harper, Lot 74 in Glad Acres community, $88,000.

Julian N. Barham and Elaine Barham to Glenn Thompson Contracting Inc., one lot in Wilders Municipality, $36,000.

Lindsay Rose Badgley to Kevin R. Stacey and Donna M. Stacey, Lot 23 in River Hills community, $150,000.

Sydney C. Williams to Paradise Residences of Johnston County Inc., one lot $52,500.

Bruce E. Thompson and Tammi S. Thompson to Kurt Watson Bennett Cynthia Marie Mohs Neighborhood: Island Creek Ph 3 Lot: 86 Pb 77/384 $258,000.

DWF Development Inc. to Kirkwood Builders Inc., Lot 12 in the Sweetgrass at Flowers Plantation subdivision, $65,000.

Knolls Advancement Group LLC to Blue Star Custom-made Houses LLC, Lot 152 in The Knolls at The Neuse class, $40,000.

Comfort Homes Inc. to Aaron Matthew January, Lot 94 in Little Creek Farms class, $155,500.

Charles R. Steffenella and Lesley N. Jones to Dennis E. Williams and Tara B. Riley, 2 lots in Waverly Point subdivision, $211,000.

DJ 4042 Inc. to Envision Homes LLC, Lot 232 in The Meadows at Adams Point subdivision, $55,000.

DJ 4042 Inc. to Envision Residences LLC, Lot 233 in The Meadows at Adams Point class, $55,000.

South Park Advancement Co. Inc. to Lanny K. Clifton Builder Inc., one lot,$

38,000. Poole Solutions LLC to James C. Owen and Madison Leila Owen, Lot 17 in Riders Ridge neighborhood, $135,000.

DJ 4042 Inc. to Lanny K. Clifton Contractor Inc., Lot 206 in The Heartlands at Adams Point class, $53,000.

Michele D. Schicchi and Joseph Schicchi to IH6 Commercial property of North Carolina, Lot 79 in Magnolia Village neighborhood, $171,000.

Deutsche Bank Trust Co. Americas, Residential Accredit Loans Inc. and Ocwen Loan Maintenance LLC to Octaviano Rodriguez Jr., one acre on Earpsboro Road, $87,000.

RMS Investments LLC to Joseph Schicchi and Michele Danielle Schicchi, Lot 6137 in Riverwood Athletic Club’s Alpine Valley class, $320,500.

RMS Investments LCC to Jesus Samuel Morales-Rivera and Jennie M. Morales Class, Lot 8037 in Riverwood Athletic Club’s Ravens Ridge community, $197,000.42 East LLC to Terramor Homes Inc., Lot 7 in The Estates at Tuscany neighborhood,$172,000. RRT Development LLC to Jr.

Stephenson Houses Inc., 2 lots Williams Farm class,$ 54,000. Jessica Fraser to June A. Oburu, Lot 21 in Heavner-Holding neighborhood, $89,500. Markham Realty amp; Investments LLC, Gary James Markham and Christine K. Markham to Keith A. Darlington and Debra C. Darlington, Lot 117 in Chadbourne neighborhood, $440,000. Lighthouse Cleveland Springs LLC to Terramor

Houses Inc., Lot 54 in The Town at Cleveland Springs class, $77,000. Joshua Nathaniel Ruger and Jessica Carlene Ruger to

Rogelio Cruz Chavez and Yoatzin Isabel Avalos-Vazquez, one lot$ 142,500. Patricia A. Smith to John J. Carswell and Barbara L. Carswell, Lot 13 in Elmwood neighborhood,$100,000. Jason M. Pendergraft and Megan Pendergraft to Martin Machado Leiva, Lot 68 in Grovewood subdivision,$109,000. RMS Investments LLC to Jeremy R. Payne and Corinna A. Payne, Lot 3105 in LionsGate subdivision

,$154,000. Southview Houses LLC to Leamon D. Warren and Joanne G. Warren. Lot 8 in Covered Bridge Estates neighborhood,

$241,000. Jackie Brown Gore, Jackie Grady Brown and Larry Ronald Gore to Lisa Renee Rhodes, 12.536 acres in Micro Township,$150,000

. Robin’s Nest of Clayton Inc. to Price Kornegay LLC, Lot 8 in 42 West Specialist Park, $235,000. Angela G. Stephenson, Philip R. Stephenson, Faye G. Smith, Lonnie Sherwood Smith, Rufus Hersel Gilliam and Evelyn Gilliam to Roger H.

Dupree and Jane A. Dupree, 5.79 acres in Pleasant Grove Area, $5,500. Brian Narron and Vanessa Narron to Marielena McDonald and William McDonald, Lot 86 in Mill Creek West subdivision,$417,000. Portofino Advancement Group LLC to Royalty Residences Inc., 2 lots in Portofino community,$130,000. Nathaniel Hierseman and Elena Marie Hierseman to Sherry R. Yoak and Torey T. Yoak, two lots Eastwood neighborhood,$108,000. Alerman Pablo Reyes to Humberto Reyes Cuevas and Nancy Sanchez Montes De Oca, Lot 2

in Berry subdivision, $87,000. Ruby A. Baker and Kenneth W. Baker to Carolyn Baker Parker, 0.85 acres in Ingrams Municipality, $11,000.

Ed Stolzenberg and Carmen Stolzenberg to KVK Residences LLC, Lot 6 in Broadmoor neighborhood,$ 210,000. William D. Hamilton and Jennifer

D. Hamilton to Matthew Lisk and Leslie Brooke Rice Lisk, Lot 4 in Edinburgh neighborhood,$219,000

. KS Bank Inc. to W Construction Inc., two lots in Neighbors Walk subdivision, $36,000. Jeffrey S. Hunt and Maryana P. Hunt to

Terrence Weston, Lot 18 in Walkers Ridge class,$ 128,000. Letchworth Land Co. to Riverbrook Custom-made Homes LLC, Lot 31 in Glen Iris community,

$24,000. WAT Holdings LLC to Brenda Salgado Castro and Hermilo Salgado Castro, Lot 1 in Heritage Farms community,$240,000. Cindy E. Keesler and Larry Keesler to David Flack, Lot 4 in Buffalo Creek neighborhood,

$35,000. Lennar Carolinas LLC to Jeffrey Meiser and Lenore Meiser, Lot 19 in Trillium at Flowers Plantation subdivision, Wilders Township,$214,500. Jerry P. Mahler and Karen G. Mahler to Aaron M. Nelson and Kristy L. Nelson, 3.2 acres, $241,000. DJ 4042 Inc. to Golden Characteristic and Advancement Inc., Lot 339 in

The Highlands at Adams Point class,$53,000. Royal Oaks Building Group to Cody Michael Grabowski and Danielle Lynn Grabowski, Lot 5 Cobblestone community,$167,000. CRI Holdings Inc. to Public Works Characteristic LLC, Lot 8 in Airport Industrial

Park, Smithfield Township,$355,000. Tony R. Stone and Brenda C. Stone to William L. Jones and Edelgard Y. Jones, Lot 56 in Stoney Brook Estates neighborhood,$9,000. KB House Raleigh-Durham Inc. to Vernon A. Gabbert and Moeko Gabbert, Lot 53 in The Meadows at Summerlyn community,$220,500. Scott Lee Homes Inc. to James Dillon Jr. and Diana Lynn Dillon, Lot 94 in Lakewood Estates community,

Elevation Town,$194,000. Smart Residences LLC to Alysa Malee Wilkosz-Frith and Jason Bryan Frith, Lot 28 in Sunset Ridge community, Cleveland Town,$315,000. Alan M. Flowers to Crystal Y. Collins and Patrick Collins, Lot 26 in Hannah’s Creek subdivision, $290,000.

Amaretto LLC to Capitol City Homes LLC, 4 lots in Lakeside at Flowers Ranch subdivision, $144,000.

Luis Enrique Acosta and Sonia Acosta to Robert A. Parker, Lot 1 in Dana Park subdivision, $23,000. Scott Lee Houses Inc. to Kimberly Ann McClernan, Lot 5

in Heritage Farms community, Cleveland Municipality, $181,000. Monica Brooks Rhue to Dontez R. Evans, Lot 41 in Lee Farms subdivision,$140,000. Crystal Yvonne Collins and Patrick Ryan Collins to Barbara Stroyer and Robert Stroyer, Lot 18 in Lassiter Farms neighborhood, Cleveland Area,$199,500. Marci Thames to Oscar Banegas and Trinidad Banegas, Lot 21 in Wedgewood neighborhood, Wilson’s Mills Area, $132,000. Christiana Trust, Wilmington Cost savings Fund Society,

Normandy Home mortgageMortgage Trust and Selene Financing to Garron Gianopulos and Kristie Gianopulos, System 1834 Parkside II Condo neighborhood,$105,500. Tommy R. Westbrook and Darla S. Westbrook to Clifton Gattis Lee, Lot 24 in Moss Creek Town class, $105,000.

Darryl D. Evans Inc. to Brian H. McMamb and Kathleen Lee Brewington McLamb, Lot 69 in Carriage Creek community, $267,000.

Willie Morgan Jr., Lizzie M. McLeod and Ruby Morgan to Brandon Sauls and Kelly Sauls, Lot 119 in Lancaster Place class,$105,000. Thomas Eugene McConathy and Diane Marie McConathy to Joshua P. Anderson and

Karen M. Anderson, Lot 5 in Timberlake neighborhood,$235,500. Robert M. Woodbury to Terry F. Bridgers, Lot 20 in Southwick Farm community,$168,000. Michael Anthony Lee and Ashley M. Lee to Michelle Renee Stump and Timothy Allen Stump, two lots in

Critcher Farms community,$ 128,000. Capitol City Residences LLC to Monica F. Brooks, Lot 54 in Lakeside at Flowers Plantation class

,$175,000. Freddy Wayne Narron and Linda J. Narron to Harold E. Webster, 10.085 acres in O’Neals Municipality,$ 60,000. Roger Doyle Lupton and Denise

Finest Lupton to Miguel Ramirez Martinez, Lot 58 in Twin Oaks neighborhood, $26,000.

Gregory W. Davis and Vickie Davis to C. William Linhardt, Lot 1 in Clayton Pointe subdivision,$211,000. Michael Gene Pilkington and Bobbie Lynn Pearce Pilkington to Christopher Shane Hill and Heather Phillips Hillside, one acres in Benefit Hillside Township, $27,000.

Todd A. Allen and Susan Allen to Chad Raeder and Amy Raeder, Lot 5 in Covered Bridge Estates community,$231,000. SDG Advancement LLC to Terry Telke and Marjean Telke, Lot 32 in Sundown Ridge neighborhood,$315,500

. Harold Lloyd Medlin and Rebecca Medlin to Gregory Weaver Davis and Vickie McGhee Davis, one tract,

$113,500. Airlie Corp. to SDG Advancement LLC, Lot 32 in Sundown Ridge subdivision,$40,000. Hamp; H Constructors Inc. to Karen Leigh Blackman, Lot 19 in Corinth Crossing neighborhood,$260,000. Thomas Henry Perlungher and Sarah Marie Perlungher to Ryan Goddard and Racheal Goddard, Lot 30 in Sierra Heights Ph class,$150,000. Pro Craft Homes Inc. to Casey C. Cordova and Angeleah N. Cordova, Lot 21 in Williams Farm subdivision,$174,000. PC Home LLC to Jason Dee Hall and April Williams Hall, Lot 17 in Forest Ridge neighborhood,$118,000. Robert A Chappelle and Kathryn Pittman Chappelle to Michael Robert Neighbors, Lot 17 in Creekside Location subdivision,$180,000. Lennar Carolinas to Mark Tobin and Joanne Tobin, Lot 11 in Poplar

Woods at Flowers Ranch community,$280,000. Denise Davies and Michael S. Blanton to Parkside Characteristic, Lot 11 in Woodland Trails neighborhood,$255,000. Shelby Michelle Hart to David B. Storey, 1.254 ares in Clayton Township, $27,000.

Royal Oaks Structure Group to David Pautke and Donna Pautke Subdivision, Lot 147 in Chandler Ridge class,$284,000

. Rebecca D. Flowers and Maurice Reid Stephenson to Ranch Self Storage LLC, 8.071 acres in Wilders Town, $275,000.

Rhonda B. Edwards and Randy L. Edwards to Jeremy C. Phelps and Lori Cherry Phelps, Lot 7 in Huckleberry neighborhood, Wilders Municipality,$60,000. Tracy Lyn McClain and Eugenia Nicholson McClain to Barry S. Dalton and Robin C. Dalton, Lot 225 in

The Meadows at Adams Point neighborhood, $345,000. Katherine M. Saudo and Jeffrey Saudo

to Sirva Moving Properties LLC, Lot 4101 in Riverwood Athletic Club’s Deer Valley subdivision,$252,500. Sirva Relocation Characteristic LLC to David S. Orringer, Lot 4101 in Riverwood Athletic Club’s Deer Valley subdivision, Wilders Town, $252,500.


Company Tax Solar Tax Credit, G-20 Eyes Taxes, Sanders Not Ike

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G-20 leaders set to accept overhaul of corporate tax rules
A push to close worldwide corporate tax loopholes is expected to stimulate competitors for lower rates overseas and enhance pressure in Washington for a bipartisan offer to revamp the corporate tax code, wrote Paul Hannon and Richard Rubin of the Wall Street Journal. Leaders from the Group of 20 largest economies, meeting in Turkey, are set to give their final stamp of approval to a major overhaul of the global rules regulating business taxes. The modification is intended at preventing companies from using myriad techniques to shift profits amongst different jurisdictions to prevent taxation. Such practices cost governments between $100 billion to $240 billion in lost earnings each year, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Advancement. The new guidelines apply just to companies that run in more than one country. Nations aren’t needed to adopt them, though they are expected to be put in place commonly.

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Blackstone Now Rules America’s GenuineRealty

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Blackstone(BX)is now nearly 4 times the size of when it originally submitted its IPO in 2007. Most significantly, it has actually expanded its actualproperty division from a $17.7 billion company when the company went public to one that today manages nearly $100 billion worth of commercial property. Per Company Expert:

Were now, we think, the biggest owner of realrealty in the world, Steve Schwarzman, CEO, informed Company Expert in an interview at his companys Park Avenue headquarters in midtown Manhattan.

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