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Date: September 2016


Protesters Pay Lake County Taxes With Dollar Expenses

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They wore matching white T-shirts depicting a dollar sign in a red circle with a diagonal line going through it.

Of the protesters, just a fewjust a few actually paid their taxes with dollar bills Tuesday. Amongst them were Jon and Jennifer Groh of Spring Grove, who brought 2 leather bags including $20,000 in banded stacks to the treasurers workplace to pay a part of the taxes owed on the rental homes they own.

I wouldve brought more, however the bags were getting heavy, Jon Groh stated.

Treasurers workplace worker Patty Vargas gradually ran the stacks– each which was expected to include $100– through a costs counter to ensure the quantities were right. It took 45 minutes, and the stacks were a dollar short, so Jennifer Groh developed another buck.

The Grohs said the tax costs on all their rental properties increased by $20,000 this year.

And you cant pass that on to the occupant, Jon Groh said.

Round Lake resident Susana Rodriguez likewise paid her taxes with dollar expenses. She said her kid had to drop out of college since she could no longer afford tuition and propertyreal estate tax.

Each year, it goes higher and higher and higher, Rodriguez said of her homereal estate tax costs.

The due date to pay the second installation of Lake County home taxes is Friday, so the treasurers office was busier than normal. Clients who wanted to pay expenses with checks, credit cards or greater money denominations were guided to other staff members instead of having to wait behind the protesters.

Bob Anderson, a Wonder Lake resident whos chairman of the Illinois Tax Revolution, stated the protest wasnt intendedtargeted at Treasurer David Stolman but at the elected authorities who serve on regional government boards.

If they were doing their jobs, I don’t believe wed be in presence, Anderson stated.

Stolman didnt mind the ruckus– or the influx of dollar costs.

Were delightedEnjoyed to accommodate, and we do it with a smile, he stated.

A comparable protest is prepared for Wednesday at the McHenry County treasurers workplace.

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