Are Your Kids Money Wise? Exhibition Might Help

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If you resemble I am, then mostthe majority of what you have actually learned about managing money resulted from a series of bad financial decisions. My husband and I have frequently regreted, “If only …”

If only someone would have informed us a charge card with a high rate of interest is a bad concept unless you plan to settle the balance monthly. If just somebody would have told us to reserve a few of that “heading out” cash and invest it into a 401K. I’m betting most adults have their own “if only” monetary stories. How in a different way would have things ended up if you didn’t need to find out those financial lessons the difficult way?Washington -Centerville Town library is hosting a taking a trip exhibit this fall that we hope will save the next generation from a few of those common monetary mistakes. Cash$marts is an interactive exhibit, on display now at Centerville Library, that provides kid-friendly, standard money management concepts that can act as a fantastic conversation starter for parents and their children.The exhibit includes 4 panels with hands-on activities that teach: For kids ages 3-5, principles about the value of money and the fact that you require cash to buy things.For children ages 6-10, concepts about the difference between desires and requires which sometimes you should wait(and conserve up)in order to get something you want.For teenagers ages 11-13, principles about just how much different things expense and the best ways to make excellent options about ways to spend for things, with cash

or credit.For teenagers ages 14-18, concepts relating to expenses and decisions connected with college planning.In addition to the exhibition, numerous web resources are available at www.wclibrary.info/moneysmarts to continue the parent-child discussion about clever money options. Books and other products are likewise on display for convenience.For more info on Washington-Centerville Public Library, go online to www.wclibrary.info.

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