Cubist Motion: Nissan Cube Is Not The Techiest Automobile, However It Was The Ideal Car …

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Could we have bought me a beater and kept my other half in the 2010 cube, which hadnt crossed 70,000 miles yet? Sure. But car-buying is not constantly logical. Factoring into our decision was the rate at which my partner piles on miles, driving three times even more to work and back than I do on any provided day. Combined with the factthat any vehicle we bought this time would likely have to last a long, long time with a new baby going into the family, we felt it finest to purchase brand-new. Likewise, we were distressed to learn Nissan would no longer import the cube to America in 2015. It had been such a perfect automobile for beginning a household. My spouse had actually looked at me with desperation in her face when I broke that news to her, stating to me, Ill never discover another car I like as well as this one. Exactly what will I do for my next vehicle?

We chose we would put my truck up for sale once we filed our 2014 taxes. I quietly floated the concept out to a couple of familymember of the family, a few of whom might not fathom my lacking a truck right here in the boonies something about a truck making you a genuine guy and always needing a truck if youre a property owner. Whatever. My father-in-law had joked about purchasing my little Ranger for years, nevertheless, and finally he put his money where his mouth was. Only thing was he did it in December, before I had actually formally put the truck up for sale. Hey, take it while you can get it.

We had gone shopping online for a few months to make our shortlist. The thing that was right away apparent was just how much more technology is packed into automobiles nowadays. Even vehicles we can afford and our budget is modest, let me inform you were getting touchscreen head systems and backing cameras. On the other hand, our little Nissan cube had continued to be largely the same given that 2010. The only appreciable modification in between the 2010 and 2014 Nissan cube was cost, with an unfavorable yen-dollar exchange rate pushing the MSRP of a cube S into the $19,000 range a far cry from the $16,000 our cube had on its sticker in 2010. Technology-wise, the cube was old.

Ultimately, that didnt matter. Technology doesn’t make up for packaging deficiencies. For example, we took a look at the all-new Chevrolet Trax, which had packaging similarmuch like our cube in a somewhat more traditional SUV wrapper. As I recorded when I drove the Traxs Buick Encore sibling, there was a B-pillar that made for a large blind area to my left when I was driving. Likewise, with the model being brand new, Chevrolet dealerships who had a few Trax SUVs in stock were not budging on cost. We felt $21,000 was too much to pay for a Trax LS that lacked our cubes travel control and Bluetooth handsfree phone gain access to even if it did have a slicker touchscreen infotainment interface.

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