Elton Lagasse, Mike Yenni ConcurConsent To Stop Attacking Each Other Over Taxes

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From here on out, there will be a wholea lot less talk about taxes in the campaign for Jefferson Parish president.

As an outcome of a claim, the two front-running prospects for Jefferson Parish president agreed in court Wednesday (Oct. 14) not to attack one another with commercials that declare they each have a record of raising taxes.

Parish Councilman Elton Lagasse had actually sued his challenger, Kenner Mayor Mike Yenni, recently over an advertisement that said Lagasse pushed for more than $20 million in tax hikes over his political profession. Lagasse said the claims made in the advertisement were false.

The 2 sides reached a compromise in 24th Judicial District Court in Gretna on Wednesday morning (Oct. 14). A permission judgment, agreed to by both parties and signed by Judge June Berry Darensburg, says Yenni has to stop airing the advertisement. He likewise can not send out any new mailers or other campaign product that say Lagasse attempted or did raise taxes.

The contract also states Lagasse has to stop airing an advertisement of his own, which called Yenni the Tax Male. The contract stated any advertisement or mailer that says Yenni raised sewage system costs in Kenner or triedaimed to double buildingreal estate tax is off limitations.

Lagasse and Yenni are runningagainst three other prospects in the Oct. 24 election. Present Parish President John Young isrunning for lieutenant guv.

  • Check out the fullconsent judgment below.

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