Perpetual Tops Important Coordinator List

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Perpetual Private Clients has the most valuable coordinators of the institutional monetary planning groups according to data collected as part of the upcoming Cash Management Top 100 Dealership Group survey.

According to funds under suggestions per advisor Perpetual was well ahead of its nearest institutional competitor and was just exceeded in funds under suggestions per adviser by corporate superannuation suggestions group Telstra Super Financial Planning.

The Top 100 data shows that Continuous Personal Clients has 58 coordinators and $12.7 billion in funds under suggestions between 8400 customers. As a result Perpetual coordinators had approximately $21.8 million of funds under advice per consultant well ahead of the next planning group – The Principal Edge which had a typical funds under advice per advisor of $143 million.

As a result of this The Principal Edge was the greatest ranking non-institutionally aligned dealer group in the study for funds under guidance per consultant.

In other data collected in the survey monetary planning software Xplan continued to rate well among financial organizers with 2 thirds of planning groups surveyed reporting they use the software.

Of the 100 groups checked 43 reported they used Xplan while Coin and Midwinter were made use of by a further 21 planning groups. These ratios were reflected in the actual coordinator numbers reported utilizing the different software application bundles with Xplan utilized by 6450 coordinators and Coin and Midwinter made use of by 4280 coordinators.

The CashThe cash Management Top 100 Dealership Group Survey will certainly be launched on this coming Thursday – 31 July.

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