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As search marketings value boosts, more business requirehave to create space in their spending plan for search marketing. However are they doing so?

The following infographic, based on the State of Search report produced by Econsultancy in association with SEMPO, highlights essential stats about budget plan trends in search advertising from 2012 to today.

One finding is that 54 % of responding business spent less than $1 million per annum on digital marketing in 2014. (By contrast, 4 % of business invested more than $100 million.)

Almost half of digital marketing budget plans are invested on search, with 31 % on paid search and 18 % on INTERNET MARKETING, according to the infographic.

Furthermore, business (33 %) and companies (26 %) are most likely to incorporate INTERNET MARKETING and content marketing within the exact same budget plan, specifies the report.

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