Stocks And Bonds Losing To Realty In Draghi’s World Of QE

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“After a number of years of double-digit returns in the UK and the US, investors feel Europe is next,” said David Jackson, who handles 1.2 billion euros of European property at Mamp; G Property. “Among the key stimuli for that has been the QE plan.”

Mamp; G GenuineRealty has actually been buying food shopsgrocery store in Germany and retail buildings in cities such as Milan and Copenhagen to take advantage of increases in consumer credit that should increase need for retail property, raising leas and values, he said.Total Returns Total return,

a combination of rental earnings and value gains, from office realproperty in mainland Europe was 4.45 percentin the 2nd quarter, the highest in at least 6 years, compared to 4 percent in the previous 3 months, according to information assembled by MSCI. Investors in the Stoxx Europe 600 Index lost 2.5 percent, consisting of reinvested dividends, throughout the 2nd quarter, while European investment-grade bonds lost 2.8 percent.

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