This Week In Cars And Truck Buying: Sales Rebound; Leading Deals Of The Month

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The Black Friday magic has actually advanced as automakers posted a 3.6-percent increase in sales last month, reversing a three-month dip in volume. A record 1.378 million cars for the month of November topped the earlier high mark of 1.328 million posted in 2001. It put the industry back on track to either equal or go beyond 2015’s record sales of 17.47 million units.

Higher rewards, thanks to the massive blitz of Black Friday and vacation sales events, are responsibleare accountable for the uptick in sales, which saw boosts by General Motors, Ford, Toyota and Honda. Just Fiat Chrysler Automobiles saw sales decrease, some 14 percent, a decline attributed to a decline in fleet shipments.

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Other aspects contributing to the strong showing include the reality that November had 2 more selling days than a year ago and continued lower gas costs assisted fuel greater truck sales. Consumer confidence likewise rebounded throughout November, which has car execs forecasting that 2016 might go down as a record year, dissipating fears that vehicle sales had actually peaked.

Calling it “an excellent, fantastic market,” Bob Carter, vice president of automotive operations for Toyota, informed Automotive News that: “At any time were talking mid-17s, [yearly sales in millions] thats a terrific market and a wonderful sign of where the North American economy is.”

Analysts anticipate the strong rewards to continue through December as makers want to sell down existing stocks of 2016 designs and offer higher incentives on new 2017s as they show up.

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