VISITOR COMMENTARY: Sin Taxes Harm Public Health, Pocketbooks

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In cities and states across the nation, legislators are making use of excise taxes on popular customer products to raise funds to spend for their pet spending projects.Instead of using them as

“health taxes, “lawmakers are exploiting sin taxes as “stealth taxes” to boost federal government revenue through a divide-and-conquer technique, striking little groups of individuals who can not effectively fight back.In Chicago, for instance, city Alderman Proco Moreno is adding a $1.25 flat sin tax on e-cigarette cartridges and a 25-cent-per-milliliter tax on electronic cigarette liquid. Moreno states the purpose of the taxes is to stop Huge Tobacco from “going at our youth in a various way, through innovation, and through vaping and e-cigarettes.”

“Chicago is leading the nation when it comes to reducing tobacco usage,” Mayor Rahm Emanuel stated at an Aug. 17 press conference.If decreasing tobacco

usage is the city’s objective, why is the city discouraging damage decrease devices, such as e-cigarettes, by making them more pricey? This is particularly silly in the case of e-cigarettes, which is a harm-reduction tool that doesn’t include tobacco.The detach in between Chicago legislators’actions and

words recommends public health is not the inspiration for Moreno’s e-cigarette tax. If enhancing public health is the real objective, lawmakers would be motivating individuals to use e-cigarettes, which are totally freewithout the harmful chemical by-products of tobacco and have revealed to helpto assist numerous people gave up smoking.A similar situation is playing out in California. Lawmakers say releaseding$2 to the rate of a pack of cigarettes will enhance public health, but the facts don’t support the claims, and the truths will be the very same when the Legislature reconvenes in January, potentially to revive the push for more taxes.The sponsor of the tax hike, state Sen. Richard Pan, D-Sacramento, informed attendees at an Aug. 26 pro-tax rally, “We know raising the tobacco tax has been shown to avoid and lower cigarette smoking, specifically among young people. “

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