With Vacation Underway, Loan Providers Offer Deals For Cars And TruckAuto Loan

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PITTSBURGH — — Car dealerships have the tendency to offer their best offers right around the vacations, and in current weeks PNC Bank has actually been pressing the gas pedal on a loan program that allows purchasers to obtain pre-approved for a defined loan limitation and then go looking for the cars and truck they want as if they were cash buyers.The loan, called

the Check Ready program, is geared for people who planintend on purchasing an automobile in the near future and desire the certainty of having their funding set up ahead of time. Consumers can applylook for the loan either online or at a PNC branch without specifying what car they desirewish to buy.Within 15 minutes of usingobtaining the loan, the automobile purchaser will get an answer, and if approved, PNC will send them a blank check overnight or they can select it up at a bank branch.

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